Youth-related books for JAYS

(PDF version)

Gender and relatability in digital culture: Managing affect, intimacy and value

by Akane Kanai
2019, Palgrave Macmillan, 195 pp.
ISBN 9783319915159 (ebook) RRP 53,54€
ISBN 9783319915142 (hardcover) RRP 67,59€

This book explores the practices and the politics of relatable femininity in intimate digital social spaces. Examining a GIF-based digital culture on Tumblr, the author considers how young women produce relatability through humorous, generalisable representations of embarrassment, frustration and resilience in everyday situations. Situated in debates about postfeminism, self-representation and digital identity, this book connects understandings of digital visual culture to gender, race and class, and neoliberal imperatives to perform the “right feelings”. This book will be of interest to students and scholars across disciplines including gender studies, cultural studies, sociology, and media studies.

Youth, class and everyday struggles

by Steven Threadgold
Routledge, September 2017, 246 pp.
ISBN 9781315725079 (ebook) RRP A$31.82
ISBN 9781138849983 (hardcover) RRP A$189.00

The concept of everyday struggles can enliven our understanding of the lives of young people and how social class is made and remade. This book invokes a Bourdieusian spirit to think about the ways young people are pushed and pulled by the normative demands directed at them from an early age, while they reflexively understand that allegedly available incentives for making the “right” choices and working hard – financial and familial security, social status and job satisfaction – are a declining prospect.

Improving services for transgender and gender variant youth: Research, policy and practice for health and social care professionals

by Tiffany Jones
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, January 2019, 208 pp.
ISBN 9781785924255 (paperback) RRP A$49.99

A research-based best practice guide for professionals who work with trans and gender variant youth. Acting as a reference for practitioners, students and researchers, this book covers four key areas – mental, physical, sexual and social health – providing essential info and outlining professionals’ roles under these headings.

Body work: Youth, gender and health

by Julia Coffey
Routledge, March 2016, 162pp.
ISBN 9781138592841 (paperback) RRP A$73.99
ISBN 9781315692609 (ebook) RRP A$33.63
ISBN 9781138911512 (hardcover) RRP A$252.00

The rise of the health, beauty and fitness industries in recent years has led to an increased focus on the body. Body image, gender and health are issues of long-standing concern in sociology and in youth studies, but a theoretical and empirical focus on the body has been largely missing from this field. This book explores young people’s understandings of their bodies in the context of gender and health ideals, consumer culture, individualisation and image.

Muslim youth in the diaspora: Challenging extremism through popular culture

by Pam Nilan
Routledge, February 2017, 216 pp.
ISBN 9781315651330 (ebook) RRP A$63.82
ISBN 9781138121027 (hardcover) A$242.00

In a world where the term Islam is ever-increasingly an inaccurate and insensitive synonym for terrorism, it is unsurprising that many Muslim youth in the West struggle for a viable sense of identity. This book takes up the hotly debated issue of Muslim youth identity in western countries from the standpoint of popular culture. In the context of Islamophobia and pervasive moral panic, young Muslims frame up their identity in conditions that only see ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Muslims. It illuminates the way in which diasporic Muslim youth engage with, and are affected by, the radical Islamist meta-narrative.

How global youth values will change our future

by Gayle Kimball
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, March 2018, 300 pp.
ISBN 9781527505834 (hardcover) RRP £61.99

This book reveals the values and religious beliefs of Generations Y and Z, representing over 4,000 young people from 88 countries. This book is based on their own voices, rather than adult projections, from multiple-choice surveys. It also includes futurists’ projections of significant trends to predict where society is headed. As the largest, best-educated and most connected generation ever, today’s youth are creating a more democratic world.

Valuing disabled children and young people: Research, policy and practice

Eds Berni Kelly and Bronagh Byrne
Routledge, November 2018, 184 pp.
ISBN 9780367028190 (paperback) RRP A$77.99
ISBN 9781315542430 (ebook) RRP A$143.18
ISBN 9781138687080 (hardcover) RRP $A$221.00

Focusing on contemporary childhood disability issues, and relevant to the lived experiences of disabled children and young people and their families, this book addresses themes such as transition, identity, education, inclusion and service provision. It also includes insightful contributions on participatory research and practice with disabled children and young people, including an emphasis on capability, voice and communicative spaces for those with life-limiting and more severe levels of impairment.

Making change: Youth social entrepreneurship as an approach to positive youth
and community development

by Tina P. Kruse
Oxford University Press, February 2019, 232 pp.
ISBN 9780190849795 (paperback) RRP £32.99

Making Change demonstrates the potential for youth to engage in social entrepreneurship to transform themselves and their communities. Effective for all young people, this approach is most impactful for youth in marginalised communities where the opportunity gap, suppressed social mobility and economic disparity are most profound. In such settings, engaging youth as leaders of social change offers the exponential benefits of personal empowerment, community enhancement and economic transformation.