About the Journal of Applied Youth Studies (JAYS)

The Journal of Applied Youth Studies (JAYS) publishes research-based and/or practice-informed analysis of young people and youth work, with a particular focus on the Australasia, Pacific and South East Asia regions. JAYS is published by the Centre for Applied Youth Research (CAYR), a not-for-profit incorporated organisation based in Hobart, Tasmania. It is produced in partnership with the Asia Institute Tasmania.

JAYS includes papers across the practice-research-policy continuum, and is interdisciplinary in orientation. It strives to present youth issues and research in an accessible and reader-friendly fashion while retaining scholarly integrity. All articles in the Journal are peer reviewed, including those papers of particular relevance to practitioners working directly with young people, as part of the mission of the Journal is to support and enhance a wide variety of contributions from the field. Each submission is evaluated on the basis of the quality and importance of its analysis and evaluation of substantive youth issues, youth work interventions and youth affairs policies. A prime concern is that the Journal reaches the widest possible audience.

The material in the Journal of Applied Youth Studies is copyright. Persons seeking permission to reprint articles should contact the Academic Editor.

General information about JAYS is available as a pdf.

Volume 1, issue 1 of the Journal of Applied Youth Studies was published in July 2015.

Volume 1, issue 2 was published in March 2016.

Volume 1, issue 3 was published in August 2016.

Volume 1, issue 4 was published in January 2017.

Volume 2, issue 1 was published in June 2017.

Volume 2, issue 2 was published in September 2017.

Volume 2, issue 3 was published in February 2018.

Volume 2, issue 4 was published in June 2018.

Volume 2, issue 5 was published in October 2018.

Full open access is now available to all pdfs of JAYS.

Information for contributors to JAYS can be found at: http://cayr.info/submissions-to-jays/

The JAYS peer reviewer’s report form is available for download as a pdf.

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