The Centre for Applied Youth Research Inc. (CAYR) was founded on the understanding that the issues affecting young people cannot be sufficiently addressed by theoretical knowledge or defined by borders. The common challenges faced by all young people in successfully negotiating transition to adulthood in our globalised 21st century require renewed attention to the applied continuum: research  policy  practice.

CAYR also recognises that the rapid changes in demographics and economic development in our part of the world – the Asia-Pacific region – deserve special focus. To this end, CAYR encourages participation by, and engagement between, all youth sectors, youth researchers and practitioners, and the sharing of research, policy and practice expertise, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

As well as being a point of contact and information exchange for those involved in youth research and studies, CAYR functions as a publishing house for research produced by Centre members. Our major research communication tool is the online Journal of Applied Youth Studies (JAYS).

The CAYR website ( contains information about the Centre and a link to our free Flipboard magazine CAYRing, which provides the latest news about young people and youth issues in the region. We host events such as symposia that bring together academics, researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the youth field to share their research and experiences – what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be done. The Centre will also develop and maintain professional development resources for youth sector participants, including youth workers, program coordinators, and others who work with or for young people in professional or volunteer capacities.

CAYR membership includes a 12-month subscription to the Journal of Applied Youth Studies, and discounted registration for CAYR events and publications. We welcome inquiries from potential members, partners and sponsors and are happy to provide additional information on all aspects of the Centre. To subscribe to CAYR Updates, please send an email to: with the subject heading ‘Updates’.

General information about CAYR is available as a pdf.

CAYR 2016 Annual Report


  • Our purpose

    Our purpose is to promote and support the development of applied youth research, policy and practice with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to facilitate postgraduate research opportunities for students and encourage the exchange of youth studies students, youth workers and youth researchers in the region.

  • Our goal

    CAYR provides services and resources to people and organisations that support the economic, social, moral, cultural, emotional and physical development of young people and encourage young people’s preparation for the responsibilities, opportunities and expectations of adulthood and citizenship.